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Paintillio, killing it at Vancouver Wedding Show (in our earrings!)

Way back in November, Lyssa and Jessica from Paintillio stopped by our table at Eastside Flea. They stopped to look at my designs, and we got chatting about their own creative business venture. Amongst all the lovely conversations had with customers over the holiday market season, theirs really stuck with me. Mostly because their business sounded like the perfect combination of fun, interactive, creative and memorable, but also because they looked so damn fine in my jewelry.

Don't take my word for it; see for yourself

Jessica Devenport of Paintillio, looking radiant in our Pendulum Earrings

Paintillio creates custom Paint-by-Numbers, using your own photographs. I love the idea of having your friends and family working together at your wedding, or a party, to create a one-of-a-kind memento of your special event. They do everything from small-scale to mural-sized, and provide the paints in numbered jars, brushes, and everything else needed to create these works of collaborative art. Head over to their website or instagram page to see pictures of some of their completed works.

I snagged this shot from their instagram Gallery

Paintilio's Instagram Gallery

Congrats to Jessica and Lyssa for rocking their first Vancouver Wedding Show! Sounds like it was a smash success! Their booth display styling and personal styling were on-point, right down to the Scandinazn earrings.

Lyssa and Jessica at the Vancouver Wedding Show

Visit Paintillio online, and follow along with their journey on Instagram.

Find our Pendulum Earrings (pictured on Jessica) here.

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