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scandinavian x asian = scandinazn

at SCANDINAZN, we craft imaginative pieces inspired by the geometric shapes and pops of colour in Scandinavian design and the subtle handmade intricacies of Japanese art. we challenge ourselves by using discarded leather as our main material component. SCANDINAZN is all about promoting creative self-expression and sustainability through our

ethically-made jewelry. 

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Photo cred:

Jeremy Jude Lee for Etsy

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I'm Jamie Carlson, a mixed Japanese-Swedish-Irish-Canadian Jewelry designer, graciously living on the unceeded territory of the Musqueum Nation (Vancouver). 

My love for creating pretty things out of repurposed materials began as a youngin', when I wanted to make a statement for my first concert. Lacking the budget for the look I desired and armed with a sewing machine & a pair of scissors, I picked apart my existing wardrobe and patched it back together. This hobby quickly evolved into a passion, which eventually lead me to pursue a education in design. In 2012, I graduated with a degree in Fashion Design & Technology from Kwantlen University.


In 2012, SCANDINAZN was created, with the intention of exploring elements of my Japanese & Swedish heritage through experimentation with colour, pattern, shape and texture, using recycled materials where possible. 


All of our pieces are hand-crafted by me, in my studio in Vancouver, BC.

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"I want to make people think a little bit more about
the choices they make

(when it comes to fashion). My goal is to bring awareness to the problem we have with fast fashion. A lot of things out there are marketed to us to encourage quick consumption, and will quickly fall apart before you really have a chance to break them in. I want to make things that last" 

video production by
Primeworks Multimedia

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