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a peek at our dreamy Spring 2017 Daisy Chain collection

Hooray, spring is (almost) upon us! After one of the most challenging winter's I can remember in Vancouver, the advent of warmer weather couldn't be more welcome. I've been waiting for the flowers to start blooming before I released this collection, and am happy to announce my neighbourhood is peppered with little snow drops and crocuses, everywhere you look.

I'm super excited to be able to share Part 1 of my Spring / Summer 2017 collection with you! This section is called Daisy Chain, and features delicate & feminine leather lace flowers. I make each flower by hand, starting with a second hand leather jacket. After cutting it into useable pieces, I create the lace effect with 2 different types of leather punches, hammering each hole. Each flower is cut-out individually, and several layers of leather paint are applied, both to seal in the edges and colour the flower.

In our Daisy Chain collection, you'll find 3 styles: Single flower earrings, Double flower earrings, and Daisy chain necklaces. The earrings are made with 14K Gold Plated hooks, and the chain on the necklace is 14K Gold Plated as well, in 5 different colours. Wouldn't the white ones be perfect for a Spring or Summer wedding?

You can find all the listings for these on our Etsy Shop, and see more pictures on our Instagram.

As a special offer to you, we're doing complimentary customized calligraphy packaging when you order the Single or Double Daisy Earrings!

Just include the message you'd like along with your order.

Receive complimentary customized calligraphy packaging along with your order!

A beautiful gift idea for Mother's Day!

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