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the summer of SUPER BUSY

So, it turns out running a business is a lot of work. Who could have predicted that? It's a good thing I love what I do! 2017 has been all about setting high goals for the business, and giving it 110%. Until November of 2016, Scandinazn has been a side hustle for me, but I've taken the plunge and decided to give a go at running this business full-time. It's funny how I find myself with less free time than when I had a "real job", not that I'm complaining. There are so many components BESIDES actually making jewelry that go into running a business. I'm a long way from being an expert, but over the past 7 months of being completely self-employed, I have improved my business skills tremendously. Naturally, I still have a long way to go.

This time of the year is especially busy for Scandinazn. The summer market season began for us on Saturday July 17th with the Vintage Handmade Society West End Pop-up, and Main St Car Free day. Last weekend, we were at Granville Island as part of the 2-day Mela Canada Day festival.

And guess what... we've got 5 more to go!

Although setting up a display for an outdoor festival can pose some rather difficult challenges (especially as a one-woman show), the rest of the experience makes it worthwhile. I find myself having conversations with folks from around the world, and many people I normally wouldn't run into at an indoor market event. Another great thing about doing summer markets is being able to test out new products! Over the last couple weeks, I've been busy making small quantities of many new designs, and have been using these summer events to get feedback right from you guys.

The designs below aren't yet available on our Etsy Shop, but we will be bringing them to all of our events this summer. Come hang!


Here's where you can find us in the coming months...

Khatsahlano Street Party

Saturday, July 8th

West 4th Ave

Commercial Dr Car Free Day

Sunday, July 9th

7th and Commercial

Powell Street Japanese Festival

August 4th & 5th

Oppenheimer Park

Watch and Learn : Etsy Vancouver Market

August 19th & 20th

Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza

Fall For Local Summer Market at the Fair

August 29th - 31st

PNE Grounds

(We'll be the ones in the kelly green tent!)

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