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A Sunny Saturday Wrap-Up

Last Saturday, I organized a little Pop-Up event at Ollie Quinn, a beautiful, bright eyeglasses store on Vancouver's Main St. Scandinazn was joined by Craftedvan, who make cute + clever magnetic bookmarks, greeting cards and fridge magnets, Tessa Lee Designs, a talented local artist whose pattern-kissed cat & matryoshka doll portraits I adore, and Grove Soaps, who make quality vegan soap in beautiful colours and delicious scents.

Ollie Quinn on Main St Vancouver

Thanks to all of you wonderful people who came out!

It was great to have the chance to talk with you face-to-face... I'm looking forward to doing much more if it this summer. In November of last year, Scandinazn became my full-time job (yay!). One of the many challenges of working for myself is getting OUT of my studio and into the world. One can only listen to so many podcasts before you start sounding a little like Ira Glass. So far, Scandinazn is booked for 5 EVENTS this summer, with more to be announced soon!

And now some pictures of the pop-up event, to feast your eyes on...


Find information about where to find us around the city, at upcoming events this summer, fall and winter HERE.

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