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Juicy Dragonfruit Earrings

Juicy Dragonfruit Earrings

C$62.00 Regular Price
C$49.60Sale Price

Dragonfruit! Also known as Pitaya, a native fruiting cactus to southern Mexico + Central America. These delicious fruits are cultivated around the world in tropical regions and grow on the WILDEST looking cactus trees. You're gonna want to google it. 


Our Dragonfruit earrings are made by hand with repurposed leather, detailed meticulously with a high quality leather paint.



• Made from lightweight leather, salvaged from second hand clothing
• Hooks are 14k Gold-Plated Brass, compatible with most sensitive ears
• We also offer the option to upgrade hooks to gold-filled (see shop page)



• After cutting, the leather is hand painted, using a high quality leather paint (which is both flexible and waterproof, hurrah!)
• Each piece is lovingly assembled by hand, from start to finish. 
• All of our pieces are crafted in our studio in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.


• We're passionate about sustainability. By using recycled leather (salvaged from scraps and second-hand clothing) we are celebrating materials that would otherwise end up in the trash.
• Leather is a rewarding material to work with. It's long wearing & durable. The second-hand leather we use is still in good condition, and retains its quality.
• It's also about challenging ourselves! One of our biggest goals is to use leather in a way you don't expect to see it, masquerading as something entirely different.



• Avoid getting your jewelry too wet, although a bit of water (getting caught in the rain or wet hair) should be ok. 
• Use care when removing and storing jewelry 
• It's best to store long pieces hanging, or laying flat. Avoid storing other objects on top of your leather jewelry.

When taken care of properly, leather jewelry can have a long, happy life!


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