Hunting for Raw Gemstones in Bangkok.

I recently completed the adventure of a lifetime.

In January, I gave up my apartment and left behind my business for 3 months to travel around Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan & Japan. During my travels, amongst all the blissful good times, I somehow managed to work a little Jewelry business into the mix. Aside from the obvious (inspiration, duh), the way I made my trip to Asia a "business trip" came in the form of some crystal hunting.

I was fortunate to be introduced to the sister of a friend, who is a jewelry design / gemmology student in Bangkok. She volunteered to take me around the wholesale jewelry district. It's common for foreigners to get mixed up in Gemstone / Jewelry scams in this city, so having a companion well-versed in gemstone identification was fabulous. The wholesale jewelry district is made up of malls catering to mass manufacturers of jewelry. In these malls, there are hundreds of boutiques selling all sorts of supplies from high-end cut gemstones, to molds for casting metal and raw crystals. Tons of 'em. The shop I ended up scoring at was stacked wall-to-wall with buckets of raw crystals of all shapes and sizes. A DREAM COME TRUE.

Buckets of raw crystals in the wholesale jewelry district of Bangkok.

I spent ages poring over buckets upon buckets of gemstones, picking out pairs to make into earrings, and brought back as many as I could justify carrying in my already bursting-at-the-seams traveller's backpack.

My carefully curated selection of crystals: grossular garnet, apatite, pyrite, rhodolite garnet, emerald, etc.

2 months later, and I'm back at home with a sack full of gemstones. These beauties have been polished up, and transformed into simple, yet elegant crystal stud earrings.

We've made Green Apatite, Hexagonal & Nugget Sapphire, Grossular & Rhodolite Garnet, Aquamarine, Pyrite, Citrine, and Emerald studs, and they're available now on the Scandinazn Etsy Shop.

Deep Blue Sapphire Gemstone Nugget Earrings
Rhodolite Garnet Crystal Studs

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