WS- Petal Ear Jackets

WS- Petal Ear Jackets


Minimum : 2

Suggested Retail: $42


The Petal Ear Jackets are a 2-parter. There's a stud that goes through your pierced hole, and a "jacket" that slips on the post - after it goes in the ear, and before the backing goes on. The result is the scalloped petals peek out from behind the earlobe.


The GOLD collection is a product of a fabulous thrift store find - a tiny little Gold Lamé leather skirt... rescued from the clearance section.


(The entire collection is picture in the photo carousel)



  • Made from lightweight leather, salvaged from second hand clothing
  • Posts are Surgical Stainless Steel, compatible with most sensitive ears


  • The backside of the leather is reinforced in strength by coating with a high-quality, flexible, waterproof leather paint 
  • Each piece is lovingly assembled by hand, from start to finish. 
  • All of our pieces are crafted in our