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Hana Burst Scoops

Hana Burst Scoops

C$62.00 Regular Price
C$40.92Sale Price

Elegant Scoop Hoop Earrings, adorned with hand-painted "Hana" Flowers. Choose which colour you'd like, using the labelled photo for reference


These earrings are part of our Hana はな Burst Collection - our fractal flower interpretation of a print once spotted on a Japanese Yukata. Each flower is painted by hand on reclaimed leather, using a high-quality leather specific paint. 



• Made from lightweight leather, salvaged from second hand clothing
• Hoops are 14k Gold-Plated Brass, compatible with most sensitive ears
• We also offer the option to upgrade hooks to gold-filled (see shop page)



• After cutting, the leather is hand painted, using a high quality leather paint (which is both flexible and waterproof, hurrah!)
• Each piece is lovingly assembled by hand, from start to finish. 
• All of our pieces are crafted in our studio in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.


• We're passionate about sustainability. By using recycled leather (salvaged from scraps and second-hand clothing) we are celebrating materials that would otherwise end up in the trash.
• Leather is a rewarding material to work with. It's long wearing & durable. The second-hand leather we use is still in good condition, and retains its quality.
• It's also about challenging ourselves! One of our biggest goals is to use leather in a way you don't expect to see it, masquerading as something entirely different.



• Avoid getting your jewelry too wet, although a bit of water (getting caught in the rain or wet hair) should be ok. 
• Use care when removing and storing jewelry 
• It's best to store long pieces hanging, or laying flat. Avoid storing other objects on top of your leather jewelry.

When taken care of properly, leather jewelry can have a long, happy life!


Colour (see Photo)
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