An experiment in unemployment

So, I quit my job. For the last year and I half, I've been working a french-influenced casual fine dining restaurant downtown. A fairly new place, of which I was one of the original servers, with great food, great people, and an all around fantastic place to work. I think what gave me the kick in that pants and pushed me out the door was daunting 25th birthday that's lurking around the corner. There is nothing wrong with being over 25, and working in a nice restaurant. Actually, most of my fellow servers at the restaurant were over 25, but there's something about turning a 1/4 century that makes me feel like I need to start doing what I actually want to be doing. That thing happens to be mak

Baby's first logo

Here it is, folks. Scandinazn's first ever company logo! I put the Adobe Illustrator skills I learned in Fashion school to work, and came up with something I'm quite pleased with. That is all. #logo #graphicdesign #jewelry #leather #handmade #illustrator

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